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Mental Health Ireland is organising a full programme for World Mental Health Month this October 2022


National Webinar

Theme: Mental Health in the Workplace

This half day online event will explore both personal and organisational approaches to
protecting and sustaining mental health in the workplace setting. Make sure to register online.

5 Ways to Fundraise

We have 5 creative ways to get involved & support Mental Health Ireland:

• CONNECT: Connect Café
• TAKE NOTICE: When I grow up…DAY – A Fancy Dress Day
• BE ACTIVE: 5k Your Way – swim, run, walk, cycle
• KEEP LEARNING: Sponsored reading / Readathon
• GIVE: Bake sale

Connect Cafés

Groups can host a Connect Café in their communities, workplaces and schools. A ‘How-To’ Toolkit with resources will be made available on our website

5 Ways to Wellbeing Workshops

A timetable of workshops both face-to-face and virtual will be made available on the website. These workshops are 2 hours long. Make sure to register.


Boxes of merchandise will be available to buy from our shop and some will be distributed in the community through our Development Officers.

What’s Happening in My Area

A calendar of events where groups can register and advertise their events throughout the month.