Connect Café Toolkit

This Toolkit helps you to host your own Connect Café during World Mental Health Month.
This year's theme is ``Mental Health is a Universal Human Right``: on page 9 you can find suggested thematic questions.
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Online and Digital Assets

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Printable Resources

(These are resources that people can either print at home or send to a printer)
Bookmark Template

Bunting Printable


WMHI Event Poster

Spread the word about your event by using our handy event posters.
WMHM Event PosterDownload Event Poster WordDownload Event Poster JPEG
WMHM A4 Event Poster
WMHM A4 Connect Cafe poster

Connect Café Poster

Get the word out about your event by using our handy connect cafe poster online or printed.
Connect Café PosterDownload Connect Café Poster WordDownload Connect Café Poster JPEG

Other Resources

A4 Connect Cafe

Halloween Colouring Poster (Colour)

A4 Event Poster

Halloween Colouring Poster (B&W)

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