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Our new free self-directed e-learning module has been coproduced to support you in leading out on workplace mental health and wellbeing. Aimed at workplace leaders, managers, boards, and wellbeing champions, it aligns with Mental Health Ireland’s ‘Wellness Works’ Framework which was published in 2022.

Watch the webinar below to:

  • hear from the experts who created the module
  • hear about best practice in workplace mental health

See below for Objectives of the new module.

On Completion of this module, you will have

  • Learnt about how your organisation can get ready to implement a mental health policy
  • Gained a better understanding of staff wellbeing
  • Learnt about how a facilitation approach to leadership can support mental health wellbeing in the workplace
  • Got an overview of the participative process of coproduction and its benefits for your organisation
  • Explored the next steps you might take in your mental health policy journey

Contact for more info.

Wellness Works Framework


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Watch our previous Workplace Wellbeing Webinar

Welcome to the ‘Mental Health in a New Working World – All the Tools You Need to Lead’ webinar.
MHI recognises the workplace as having an important role to play in the promotion of good mental health for all workers and to support those who experience a mental health challenge to remain in work/reintegrate effectively.
The concept of mental health has gained great importance in the current post-pandemic world where we are all recovering from such unprecedent levels of stress. The benefits of having conversations about how we can take care of our mental health in all kinds of work situations, be it in the office, remotely or in a hybrid model are clear in this scenario.
The seminar aims at providing business leaders and managers with an evidence based Mental Health Framework they can adapt and implement in their own organizations and provides best practice tools about how to take the first positive steps in that direction.
MHI recognizes the unique role leaders and managers have in promoting healthier workplaces for everyone.

This webinar will address:

  1. Workplace Mental Health
  2. MHI’s New Workplace Mental Health Framework
  3. Best Practices to support and improve workplace mental health


In a Mental Health crisis?

You can access mental health support by clicking on the links below

Samaritans      Text HELLO to 50808      Other crisis services

On Mental Health Ireland’s website there are also resources you can use to support your mental health

Recovery Education     Mental Health Resources     Mindfulness resources